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R & T Unit Can Company
Sioux Falls, SD U.S.A.
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R & T Unit Can Co.
1305 and 1307 E 39th St N.
P.O. Box 84626
Sioux Falls, SD 57118-4626

Phone 605-332-1222

Fax     605-336-1222

Hours of operation
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM -- 5:30 PM

Holiday closings for 2016
May 29th ---------------------------------Memorial Day
Tuesday July 4th------------------------------------Independance Day
Sept 4th  -----------------------------------Labor Day
Nov 23rd ------------------------------------------Thanksgiving Day (Turkey Day)
Dec 25th thru Jan 1st -----------------------------Christmas thru New Years


ALUMINUM CANS - self explanitory, all aluminum bererage cans. non-magnetic,  Do not put aluminum foil in with the cans. We do not accept aluminum foil of any kind.  Aluminum cat food cans are ok as long as they are washed. We are buying the aluminum and not beer, pop, sunflower shells, cigarette butts or tobacco spit. Please keep them clean. We buy in any amount. Package the cans in bag or barrels. Please try not to use the small grocery bags. 

POP TABS - pop tabs are better left on the can. Cans are traditionally worth more than just the pop tab. Make sure that the tabs are aluminum and not steel. Check with a magnet. 

PAINTED SIDING - aluminum siding, gutters or soffit. Painted aluminum siding is self explanitory. Bring it in any lenght. It is easier to unload and handle if it is 10 foot long or less.  Non-magnetic

CAST ALUMINUM - cast aluminum comes from barbeque grill lids, transmissions and many other items. Castings are generally rough surfaced. Grainy in texture. Non-magnetic.  Cast is a specific aluminum alloy that is made by melting and pouring into a mold. 

MAGNESIUM - magnesium resembles cast aluminum but is much lighter in weight. It is also non-magnetic. It is found on lawnboy mower decks, chain saw bodies and other products that gereally need to be lighter in weight. DO NOT mix with aluminum. Magnesium has to be completely free of all other metals. 

MIXED CLIP - mixed clip is a grouping of aluminums. There are several main alloys of aluminum. 1000 series to 7000 series and beyond. Mixed clip is a grouping of all aluminum alloys except for 2000, 4000 and 7000 series and must be free of all contaminates including paint, grease, dirt, chalking and any other metals. No pot and pans.  It is also non-magnetic.

EXTRUDED ALUMINUM - extrusions are a made of 6000 series aluminum. They are made by heating and pushing the aluminum through a mold. This produces a specific design.  You will see perfect 90 degree corners and scratch lines which run the lenght of the product. Extrusions are used in commercial door and window frames and many other appplications.  
They must be non-magnetic and free of all contaminates such as other metals, chalk, rubber and anything but the metal. 
Separate the painted from the bare pieces.

THERMAL EXTRUSION - thermal is the same as above but it has a plastic or acrylic piece separating one side from the other. This is a thermal barrier from the outside to the inside. 

SHEET ALUMINUM (CLEAN ALUMINUM) - This is aluminum that does not fit into any of the above categories. It must be free of excess steel and other contamiantes. 

ALUMINUM BREAKAGE - this is contaminated aluminum.  aluminum with excess steel, plastic, rubber or other contaminates.

ALUMINUM AUTO RIMS - aluminum car rims that are not chrome plated.  Must be off of the tire. 

CHROMED AUTO RIMS - aluminum car rims that are chrome plated. They will be slightly magnetic. 

TRUCK RIMS - self explanitory. Rims that come off of semi trucks and trailers. 

INSULATED ALUMINUM WIRE (ACSR) - Overheak and underground aluminum wire with plastic or rubber coating. This also includes bare aluminum wire with a steel center core. 

CLEAN ALUMINUM WIRE - aluminum wire that is free of all plastic or rubber coating and does not have the steel center core. This cannon be burned.

BARE BRIGHT COPPER - this is copper wire that has been stripped of the rubber or plastic insulation. It has to look bright and shiny and can not have any solder on it. Does not matter the size of the wire. It can not have zinc or silver coating. This can also be flat bar and sheet stock as long as it is bright and shiny. 

#1 COPPER - This is copper wire that is 16 gauge or 1/16 inch in diameter for each individual strand. This can not have any rubber or plastic coating or soldered ends. This can also be copper tubing that looks like brand new. No paint, No corosion, No solder inside or out. The wire can be burnt off. 

#2 COPPER - This is maily used copper tubing with soldered joints. It is also copper smaller wire that has been burnt off.

#3 COPPER - This is sheet copper. Sheeting that is used on roofing. It is also pots, pans and vases. Must be free of tar.  This can also be soldered. 

INSULATED (weatherproof) COPPER WIRE - this is self explanitory. Copper wire with plastic or rubber coating on it. This is separated into different categories depending on the recovery rate. 80 % , 65 %, 40 %. 
Romex (household wiring) is 65 %
Extension cords and cords from appliances is 40 %.

RED BRASS - This is a brass that is redish in color when ground. generally it is casted (rough surfaced) About 85 % copper.  Non - magnetic. 

YELLOW BRASS - This is a brass that is yellow in color when ground. Non-magnetic. About 65 % copper.  Keep the brass shell casings separate. Keep brass turnings separate. 

HEATER CORES - These are small radiators used in the automotive heating system .  They are all brass and solder. Clean the steel, plastic or foam off for the best price.

BRASS RADIATORS- These are larger radiators used in the cooling systems of cars and trucks. They are mostly brass with copper fins between brass tubes. Clean the steel, plastic  off for the best price.  

AC RADIATORS (Aluminum/Copper or Air Conditioning) - They are used in air conditioners  and are copper tubes surounded by aluminum fins. Clean the steel, plastic  off for the best price. 


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