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R & T Unit Can Company
Sioux Falls, SD U.S.A.

Well, let us hope that 2016 is a great year. Several things have happened at R & T Unit Can Co. starting this year. I, Ron Nedved, have bought out my partner in business at the first of this year. We were business partners for almost 20 years and we worked together for many years previous. It was a parting on good terms. We are not mad at each other or anything like that. We had a location in Brandon (Corson) that I shut down and sold the property. Our location in Sioux Falls is now and will be here for the future. Hope to see you soon.
Markets are starting to come back a bit, but I don't have a lot of faith in this. I have been known to be wrong before. Let us hope for strong markets this year and the future. 

Here are some of the more common items we purchase here at R & T Unit Can Company. Please contact us for current prices, and listing of further products we purchase.

Apr 22,2016
ALUMINUM CANS-------------------..42
ALUMINUM POP TABS--------------.35
CLEAN ALUMINUM-------------------.35
PAINTED ALUMINUM----------------.38
CAST ALUMINUM-------------------.35
EXTRUDED ALUMINUM-------------.43
THERMAL EXTRUDED---------------.31
ALUMINUM TURNINGS-------------.15
MIXED CLIP-------------------------.40
TRUCK RIMS------------------------.42
AUTO RIMS-------------------------.52
ALUMINUM PISTONS----------------.15
DIE CAST---------------------------.37
Bare Bright------------------------1.70 call for prices
#1 COPPER------------------------1.65 call for prices
#2 COPPER----------------------1.58 cal l for prices
#3 COPPER----------------------1.45  call for prices
INSULATED COPPER ---------.48/.86  call for prices
YELLOW BRASS--------------------1.10  call for prices
HEATER CORES---------------------.80 call for prices
BRASS RADIATORS---------------.40/1.05  call for prices
STAINLESS STEEL-----------------.28
EDM WIRE------------------------1.10
MAGNESIUM  -------------------.20
SOFT LEAD/WW-----------------.30/.05
electric Motors---------------------.08
Sealed Units (drained)--------------------.05
Ballast (PCB free)------------------.03
Automotive Starters--------------.12

Prices may be different due to market fluctuations
We will be adding more items as markets are found.

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